Turning Assets
Into Liquidity

Financial solutions for owners of fine art and gemstones.

Who We Are

We are a team of seasoned financial architects, specializing in asset-backed financing solutions. With over 50 collective years in lending experience against assets such as real estate, fine art, rare gemstones and precious metals, the team at Angulus has assembled the best and brightest professionals to provide a new financing structure, utilizing illiquid assets in a new way.

Conventional financing structures work well for conventional assets, but with fine art and rare gemstones, lending can be very problematic. So, a new structure is needed, one that takes into consideration the asset and the goals of the asset owner, together.

Fine art and precious gemstone throughout history have maintained the most consistent appreciation rates amongst all other asset classes. These assets should traditionally then be relatively easy to lend against.

What We Do


We’ve engaged a top US investment bank to assist in constructing a strategic program using a corporate bond to provide a niche financial solution to asset owners who are looking for liquidity using their illiquid assets. Instead of a typical debt-­based structure, Angulus Group Holdings’ structure is designed to provide asset owners with an income stream against the accepted value of their individual assets, employing the use of trader-based investment strategies.

Prospective Clients

There are two basic types of clients who engage in the fine art and gemstone arenas, and both of these clients can be accommodated by this proprietary financing structure.


Collectors purchase assets for their beauty and intrinsic qualities, and rarely part with them.


Investors purchase and sell assets to realize the margin of profit—buy low, sell high.

Angulus Group Holdings’ structure is designed to permit the collector to receive an income stream that over time could amount to more than the value of the asset being utilized in this program. This income stream would provide the asset owner with additional capital to use as they deem appropriate. The program is designed to allow investors to draw an income stream which, among other things, can be used to execute investment strategies, whether in the capital markets or privately.

Full Transparency

In an effort to provide full transparency, each asset owner accepted into this program will become a member of the Company, with complete access to the operations of the Company. Angulus will operate as a family of asset owners, coming together to take advantage of a unique financial opportunity.

While information provided on this website should in no way be interpreted as an offer to solicit or sell any form of security in the Company, it should be noted that any potential investment in the Company would be restricted to “qualified institutional investors” and/or “accredited investors”, as such terms are defined or promulgated in Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rule 501 of Regulation D, the member units in the Company will not be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, will not be listed on any stock or other securities exchange, will carry no rating from any rating service and will not be permitted to be transferred or sold in the secondary market.  Additionally, it should be noted that any potential investment in the Company would be at risk during the duration of such investment, and each investor should be financially capable of losing any investment in the Company.

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Thank you!

—The Angulus Team

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